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Graphics card warranty information

Thank you for placing your trust in Lantic product.In choosing the Lantic products, you will enjoy the mostadvanced technology since Lantic will bring you to the finest computer life.If you need technical support, please contact your reseller.

1.Warranty Period
The warranty period of lantic product is different in each country. If you need technical support, please contact your reseller.
The warranty period is based on 1. The purchase date(according to the invoice),and 2. The serial number printed.(Note:Warranty void for user removing serial number sticker on the VGA product)

2.Warranty Coverage
In the warranty period, if the parts are defective due to fabrication and material defect, the parts will be replaced or repaired free of charge. (The shipping and handling coast form buyer to service center is excluded.) If same item of products are not available,
same performance or higher-performance products will be used for swap replacement.

3.Suspension of the Warranty
In the warranty period, extra cost will be charged under the condition:
A.If the device damaged or destroyed as result of acts of natureor by environmental influences (moisture, electric, shock, dust, etc),
B.If the device was stored or operated underconditions not in compliance with the technical specification,
C.If the damage occurred due to incorrect handling,especially to non-observance of system description and the operating instructions,
D.If the device show any kind of mechanical damage.

*However, if the device was opened, repaired or modified by persons not authorized by Lantic, Lantic will not provide any warranty service.

Based on the responsibility and obligation lists on the warranty card, Lantic will be only in charge of the repair or replacement of the defectives. Lantic is not responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly by the buyer or third party. Any dispute resulted from this warranty will be arbitrated by the local jurisdiction.