Innovative business model with guaranteed profitability.
The “fast production, fast distribution” business model offers customers better profit guarantees and makes them more willing to engage in a long-term partnership.
Healthy and stable partnership relationships will help Lantic become a shining new star among graphics card brands in the near future.

Solid production team and the best product quality
Our products are market-tested and our insistence on “Brand in Taiwan” has produced a strong following.

Closer to the market, more flexible pricing
Our end customers are the consumer (user) so we supply directly to channels that are closest to the consumer.
This not only allows us to stay attuned to the latest market demands and feedback, but also gives us an advantage on price while maintaining high quality standards.

Comprehensive product line for one-stop shopping
We are always working to create brand value. By continuing to expand out product portfolio and improve compatibility, our customers can buy everything they need from us on a “one-stop shopping” basis.