Lantic Technology was established by a professional management team and top engineers with years of experience in the graphics card industry.Specializes in developing 3D graphics processing technology and draws on extensive industry experience to help consumers solve bottlenecks in technology, we offer consumers a comprehensive sales and distribution network that will, in the future, be backed by a complete sales and support network.
Lantic develops custom products tailored to meet consumer requirements on quality, price and service. With Lantic products, consumers can expect the best user experience and product guarantees.

2013, in view of the market grows of Android multimedia/TV products, Lantic committed to invest in the research and development of Android multimedia product lines, and seccessfully launched a series of industry-leading products.

March 2013, introduced Android Dongle 4.2.2 Dual Core - L001.

May 2013, launched Android Box 4.2.2 Dual Core - L002.

June 2013, established own brand Android-based TVcom product in Taiwan market.

October 2013, launched the first Quad Core Android Dongle - L003.

June 2014, leading the industry, introduced the first Android 4.4.2 system - L004.

July 2014, leading the industry, launched the first Android Box with 4K Player which support 3840 x 2160 video output - UHD-X1.

September 2014, launched Android 4.4.2 product line with ultra-high capacity memory  - L005 / L006.

Sustainable development and long-term partnership are the core ideals at Lantic Technology. In order to succeed, we will start from the basics with a sincere and practical approach.Our goal is to develop into a proactive, energetic, flexible and responsive enterprise.

“Product and service quality comes first”
“Long-term partnership and commitment is important to us”
“Grow in a healthy way with our partners”

At Lantic Technology, we all believe that growth and success will come through a solid business model.

By taking everything one step at a time, we will become the shining star of the professional multimedia products industry.